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Job # 1088, PM, Tallahassee, FL, 10 Months

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Job # 1088, PM, Tallahassee, FL, 10 Months

Contract Duration: 8 months Due Date: 10- 04 -21 Max submission: 3 Resume Position: 1 Work On-site Submission: Resume, Skills set and Signed Resume Acknowledgment Form (Exhibit G) (attached) Please submit Candidate that are local to Florida or willing to relocate and are ready for face to face interview. Consultant must meet or exceed all requirements
**Resume (consisting of no more than three (3) pages and including the educational qualifications), demonstrating fulfillment of the minimum qualifications (i.e., a bachelor’s degree in one of the computer science fields or in management information systems, or four (4) years of work experience in IT, systems analysis, management analysis, program planning, program research, or program evaluation).
+ Contractor Responsibilities.
Manager, Applications Development Task List. The Contractor’s Representative shall perform the following tasks as necessary to complete work assigned by the Department’s Contract Manager:
+ Lead and manage a three or four (3-4) member group of cross-functional software developers as they collaborate with OIT personnel to deliver impactful features and improvements directly to customers. + Help assign work to individuals within the group and support them as they work autonomously. + Work with team members on creating an engineering roadmap and removing obstacles. + Collaborate with Department leadership, and other business stakeholders, to implement leadership’s technology vision and mission. Perform other related tasks assigned by the Contract Manager.
Deliverables. Contractor’s Representative shall perform the tasks listed in Section 5.a., above, as requested by the Department. The Contractor shall invoice these tasks to the Department in one-hour increments, at the fixed hourly rate specified in the PO. The Contractor shall provide evidence of performance by submitting the required documentation detailed in the list below. Documentation shall be submitted in a format compatible with MS Office 2013, or newer. Status Report. A report detailing the status of tasks, level of service provided to Department staff, and the projected completion date for each assigned task. The Contractor shall submit this report weekly to the Department’s Contract Manager on the day specified by the Department’s Contract Manager. Time Reports. A report detailing the tasks worked on each day and the hours spent on each task. The Contractor shall submit this report to the Department’s Contract Manager no later than the 5th day of the month that follows the month for which the total hours worked are being submitted, via the OIT Time Log (upon the start date of the Contractor Representative, as defined in Attachment 1, Standard Terms and Conditions, access to this log will be provided by the Department), using the agreed upon CCIDs for the work performed. Technical Documentation. Documentation, identified in the SDF, that evidences that all work performed complies with the OIT policies, procedures, and technical standards provided to the Contractor by the Department’s Contract Manager. The information contained in the technical documentation must also facilitate the transfer of knowledge to the Department’s staff that is necessary to maintain the system, application(s), or solution(s) that the Contractor Representative has worked on. The technical documentation must be satisfactorily completed within the response time specified by the Department’s Contract Manager. Additional Documentation. Any additional documentation required by the Department’s Contract Manager, which must be submitted within the timeframe specified by the Department’s Contract Manager.

Performance Measures. The Contractor’s Representative shall provide the deliverables and required documentation in accordance with Sections 5.a. and 5.b., above. Acceptance of Deliverables. The Contractor’s Representative shall submit the required documentation evidencing the deliverables listed in Section 5.b., above, to the Department’s Contract Manager for review and approval. Notwithstanding Section 5, Acceptance of Deliverables, of Attachment 1, Standard Terms and Conditions, failure to accept a deliverable within fifteen (15) Business Days constitutes non-acceptance by the Department, unless provided otherwise by the Department’s Contract Manager, in writing. If subsequent work that is the responsibility of the Contractor invalidates some or all of the contents of a deliverable, the Department reserves the right to require the Contractor to revise deliverables previously approved, at no additional cost to the Department, or to reject current deliverables based on inconsistency with this SOW. Facilities and Equipment. The Department will provide items such as working facilities, development and testing environments, equipment and software licenses, access to the Department’s network, and internet connectivity, etc. Note: A Contractor Representative with access to the Department’s network is required to complete the Department’s security awareness training. This training must be completed within fifteen (15) calendar days of the Contractor Representative’s start date. If the Contractor Representative uses his or her own computer laptop, the equipment must undergo a security review by the Department to ensure it is free of software viruses and does not otherwise pose a security threat prior to connection to the Department’s network.

+ Qualification Requirements for Contractor Representative. Professional Qualification Requirements. The mandatory and preferred professional qualification requirements for the Contractor Representative, to be provided by the Contractor, are found in Attachment 3, Skills Matrix. The Contractor represents that the completed Attachment 3, Skills Matrix, provided in its Response, and incorporated herein by reference, represents the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the Contractor Representative and the minimum qualifications for any subsequent Contractor Representative provided by the Contractor to perform these services. Educational Requirements. The Contractor Representative, and any subsequent Contractor Representative provided by the Contractor, must possess, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree in one of the computer science fields from an accredited college or university, or four (4) years of equivalent work experience.