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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

AlphaPrimeTech employs best practices and considerable technology expertise to deliver web applications of various complexity: from one-page websites to enterprise software. We do our best to provide products that meet the customers’ expectations and comply with all business requirements.

Web Application Development Services

Web Site Development
Professional WordPress CMS integration and WordPress blog customization services are available with AlphaPrimeTech . Benefit from powerful open source WordPress blogging tool with AlphaPrimeTech. We excel in creating custom blogs and websites enabled with featured plugins and themes tailored to your business needs.
Web-enabled business solutions
We deliver web-based applications that help organizations to keep pace with constantly changing business needs. Such applications boast quick and easy access from anywhere on the Internet, ensure lower hardware and software costs, allow faster time to market, and provide flexible integration with other systems.
Web services
We utilize container technologies to build a microservices-based architecture that helps to develop powerful web applications for various platforms and devices. We also provide integration services with SOAP, REST, and JSON.
Front-end development
Today, our front-end development team is the most fast-growing one in the company. We devote much time and effort to bring front-end to perfection and use the best tools and components for each of the specific areas: HTML/HTML5, Javascript and modern frameworks like Angular, React, etc.
Intranet and extranet portals
Intranet and extranet portals allow businesses to manage resources and documentation, enhance the company’s productivity, improve internal communication and collaboration with customers. We offer scalable, fast and reliable intranet and extranet portals that are protected from any unauthorized access.
Mobile-friendly & Hybrid Apps
We develop custom web applications for mobile devices that load fast and have fully optimized content. We build Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that improve user experience by simplifying HTML and CSS.

Web Application Expertise

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a prevalent delivery model for web applications. SaaS is one of the most cost-effective services as it eliminates extra expenses on hardware, installation, licensing, maintenance and support. It also offers high scalability, easy access from any device, and seamless integration with other systems.
Cloud-enabled solutions
Cloud computing is one of the most sought after technologies with a number of impressive benefits: cost-effectiveness, flexibility, security, and access from any Internet-connected device. Cloud is a perfect solution for websites with unpredictable or variable load. CRM, ERP, HR management, automation software and e-commerce websites get the most out of moving to the cloud in terms of better performance and enhanced functionality.
CMS-driven & custom websites
Such websites are nicely tailored to specific demands of any business and make the company presence on the web more notable. We help businesses efficiently manage their digital content, automate critical and/or routine operations, and streamline operational efficiency. We deliver CMS-driven UI/UX and template-based websites based on WordPress, Joomla, OpenX, Sitefinity, and Drupal.
E-commerce web applications
E-commerce systems are created in compliance with the latest web development standards and guidelines to meet all the niche-specific requirements. We build convenient and multifunctional payment systems as well as e-commerce websites that manage inventory, orders, promotions, and returns. We also develop both elegantly simple web applications and heavy loaded systems based on the leading industry e-commerce platforms.