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Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management

What We Do In Remote Infrastructure Management?

Our remote infrastructure management system goes way beyond than only monitoring but it also includes problem identification and resolution beforehand. According to client’s specified instructions our built-in-root cause analysis helps in identifying and fixing problems before performance decreases. By automotive corrective actions, IT organizations decreases problem resolution time resulting in improving their system.

Remote Monitoring

AlphaPrimeTech  provides you with continuous performance monitoring services. We manage all kinds of IT components, specific events and errors. Our client is notified immediately the moment any error is detected.
Client has a proper control over decisions like how a problem would be resolved, how notification will be carried out and tracking processes.

Remote Operations

Our remote operations automates the process of IT infrastructure administration. We can oversee maintenance schedules and tasks related to administration depending on the level of service required. We can handle all administrative tasks with the help of our software.

Remote Service Desk

Our remote service desk services offers 24/7/365 help desk coverage from call management to change request management. Our remote services desk solution is highly demanded. Clients are asked to complete a set of templated and workflow definitions for functioning trouble ticketing and detailed service reporting letting IT organizations to validate their service agreements. Service tickets are generated in case of already specified events by the client. Web interface allows us and as well as the client to keep a check on trouble tickets and service requests from anywhere in the world via Internet.