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Application Support Services

Application Support Services

Why AlphaPrimeTech for Application Production Support?

We are not a traditional customer support company. AlphaPrimeTech is a software development firm, so our engineers have deeper technical depth than our competitors. This means we can solve problems quicker and even provide recommendations on more permanent solutions for potential problems.

We have teams on site in the U.S. and offshore in India. The 12-hour time difference allows you to offer 24/7 coverage without relying on night shifts or impacting employee satisfaction. Your team provides support during the day, Alpha provides support at night.

Benefits Alpha brings to you and your customers:

Faster and more effective ticket resolution
Alpha's Software Specialists have the technical skills to understand and troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively
Timely customer support with joint 24/7/365 coverage
Due to our geographically dispersed teams, we are able to provide coverage round the clock.
Improve Employee Satisfaction
With additional support, you lower the burden on your U.S. employees and improve employee satisfaction and retention
Better Support, Lower Costs
Improve turnaround time and resolution quality for a potential cost savings of 20-25% per support ticket

Our Application Support Solution

Tier 2 & 3 Support
Alpha provides tier 2 & 3 production support services during U.S. non-work hours.
Online Ticketing
Alpha production support is offered via an online ticketing system, email, and internal Slack channel.
Monthly Pricing Model
Pricing is based on capacity hours reserved each month for handling support tickets.
Temporary Capacity Increase
Customers can temporarily increase support capacity to handle expected surges in ticket volume.
Comprehensive Solutions
Support can include DevOps, data cleanup, software defects, and any other software engineering support work