Our Management

Both at a global and a regional level, our management team's emphasis on entrepreneurial values gives us a real advantage. As experienced leaders within their respective market disciplines, our management team collaborates to protect and grow our business success and shareholder value.

Our management team combines strong leadership, in-depth industry knowledge and vast professional experience. With their diverse expertise and multicultural backgrounds, our senior executives bring considerable insights and experience gained in other businesses of AlphaPrimeTech. Each member of our high-calibre management team possesses values, ideas and leadership capabilities that inform our organisational decisions and drive our business success.

Why Alpha Prime Tech?

Best team

The Staff-based Offshore/Onsite model doesn't do miracles, but it does turn a number of outsourcing disadvantages into advantages.

High dedication

Our Offshore and onsite Developers as a Dedicated Team is proven business model for mid sized project outsourcing.

Work with heart

We put of our heart, mind and soul for any and every work we do, which makes us and our partner successful.