ECM/BPM Frameworks

An enterprise class application, it seamlessly integrates with IBM FileNet BPM, E-Forms, Content Engine, Image Services and IBM On Demand technologies to provide powerful and robust levels of business automation through configuration.

Its ideal for automation complex business functions such as Claims Processing, Enrollment, Loan and Mortgage Application, Invoice processing and Patient Management. It can also be easily extended to include business-specific information and functionality.

  • Its FileNet BPM Technology provides the key integration points within a business process that will help your organization effectively meet its unique technology and business requirements.
  • It provides out of box components that can be leveraged to integrate with any external applications.
  • Its open ended architecture allows organizations to search and retrieve content store across various content repositories using a single user interface. Using Search Broker service, external applications can easily search and retrieve content across the various content repositories.
  • It quickens the pace of design and development process and enhances each phase of your implementation process, significantly shortening the entire delivery timeline.
  • It's fully featured intelligent and configurable User Interface makes each step of the work process intuitive, quick and easy - for all users.
  • It comes with Pre-Integrated components such as "Attachment Operator", "Letter Generator" and "DocUpdate", all of which allows organizations to optimize each target process, leveraging industry-leading Process and Content Management technologies.
  • It facilitates effective automation of task execution and completion and significant productivity increase for users.
  • It offers a flexible foundation to display the relevant content associated to a given piece of work, i.e., by using a single work item screen, users can view supporting documents and other content they need at their fingertips to make decisions and take appropriate actions.
  • Its pre-integrated modules are data driven that allows customers to implement complete solutions without costly customizations. As a Stable, scalable, business application, it can easily adapt and grow with your business needs.
  • It has built-in work management capabilities, such as "push" or "pull" work distribution and role-based work allocation.
  • It leverages FileNet BPM technology to distribute work. Work distribution is a configurable process that provides a wide range of business rules, including work access, work escalation, work approval and business calendar-based handling of process timers.
  • It can be fully integrated with IBM FileNet eForms, which provides many advanced features such as field auto-fill, field validation and database lookups.
  • It effects dramatic cost savings by reducing the cost associated with implementation of custom BPM solution.