Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Alpha provides quick-to-deploy scalable customized ECM (as SaaS) solutions in scale with your business needs. Expensive hardware or software is not needed and you can generate a wide range of document management and workflow applications much faster and at lesser cost.

Our solutions include:

Document Capture A broad array of paper or electronic documents can be captured in the best manner possible for your business content management process. Once captured, all document types including faxes, e-mails, scanned images and electronic documents can be filed, classified, searched and managed in a unified manner.

Document Management
Effectively implemented, this solution enables everyone to see the right content and eliminate endless flow of e-mails threads with multiple attachments. In addition, documents can be structured and arranged in traditional folder hierarchies supplemented by diverse audit trails and indexed collaborative tags and/or metadata. Add to it, you also have a smart search facility enables rapid access to content and an easy-to-create eForms that functions as a missing link between paperbound and paperless. Also, an Electronic Signature facility allows you to do away with the traditional wait between a document's shipment and approval.

Document Workflow & Collaboration
Simple processes and sequential workflows can be set-up effectively in minutes, the complex business processes can be streamlined with full business process management and all the required information can be extracted from eForms and placed into customized documents. In addition, you also get to view any documents without downloading it. An advanced View and Mark-Up facility

An Integrated E-mail Collaboration facility allows you to include non-Datum users in the collaboration process and automatically integrate their e-mail attachments into your repository

Records Management
Alpha's solutions enable you to swiftly establish record classes facility that helps you in determining as to how long you want the records to be stored, whether days or forever. In addition, you can also decide which personnel can be authorized to declare and manage records. By leveraging our solutions, you can do away with multiple document management systems and endless customization, in order to comply with industry and government regulations

With Alpha's powerful security utilities, you can set access privileges at the document, folder or individual level. This ensures that only authorized team members have access to sensitive content. Daily tape backups to multiple forms of data encryption further ensures greater security of your content and data.

Prominent benefits include:

  • Significant advantages in the areas of infrastructure management, risk management and compliance.
  • Effective management of critical documents, & greater automation of business processes
  • Effective movement or migration of content stored in a Cloud Edition repository to your own on-premises deployment, as and when your business requires it.
  • Availability of valuable content any time, from anywhere.
  • Elimination of Overheads / hidden costs in terms of maintenance, backups etc and Reduction to the minimum of implementation costs.
  • With our expertise and experience in the industry, we can work with you to design a solution that is specific to your unique needs.